Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 4 of 10 of the Lemonade Diet

By the way... I have never liked Lemonade!

Well I failed.... last nite in a moment of weekness on one of my randon walks into the kitchen, I ate two bites of pinnapple.  I was sooo mad at myself afterwards.  I wasn't hungry, they were just there.  Not sure how this will effect the diet, but I'm going to keep at it anyway.  And definatly try harder to stop the random walks into the kitchen. 

My tongue has a funky white flim on it which they say is a sign of toxins leaving my body.  Also, I have, from Day 1, put a good amount of ceyenne in my drink, Teena says I'll regret it but so far so good.  Makes the drink a bit spicey.  I've always heard pepper speeds up your metabolism, maybe thats why I have always pepper'd things up when I eat.  I now learned that the ceyenne acts as a blood cleanser.  That I did not know till this morning.

I've noticed the last two night I'm not needin as much sleep as I normally do... you know how older people sleep 3-4 hours a night... I sleep 9-10... been wonderin when I'll not think I need to sleep so long, maybe that day has come.

I watched a few more videos on youtube about the diet and while it all sounds great I'm not having the self revelations that some seem to be having I have noticed a few things here n there.  Maybe that will still come.  I am however agreeing with them on the sea salt thingy.  That works great... if you want a quick inexpensive way to clean out your colon try it.... approx 10 oz of water with 2 tablespoons of unidodized sea salt, then hang near the rest room for the next hour.  I was shocked how fast and easy it worked and how much stuff is still passin thru me on Day 4.

So this girl here says she eats a small meal everyday around 5pm and still lost 7lbs by Day 4.. which is all good, but the main reason for the diet is to cleanse, the weight lose is a bonus

I did notice yesterday I had alot of energy... I went for a pretty long walk around the neighborhood, and was kinda giggling at muself for the pep in my step.  Not sure if its the diet or not but was a good and fun walk.

So this morning I went to the YMCA for my morning workout, which I haven't done since Monday (shame on me), and I usually only get on the scales on Mondays, but decided to jump on one this morning and I've lost 6 lbs since this past Mondays weightin.  I'm stoked!!  270 lbs TODAY WOOT!!! It's goin DOWN!

Happily, Beth

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