Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011 Kemah PanJam

ukoOh WOW what a weekend... I had a Scentsy booth with Carolyn, Twila & Staci at the 2011 Kemah PanJam Sat & Sun.. weather was great!.  I met lots of cool people. And man o man am I beat.

Some of our neighbors were...
BonnyCorner, great glass hand made in USA beads
Gami Works, Japanese inspired glass penants, BEAUTIFUL
Afordable Gems, Handcrafted Jewelry
Hat Hut, Wearing tomorrows hats today
Eqyptian Sheet Sets

Me, Twila, Staci & Carolyn

the Grandkids, Carolyn's not mine

Belly Art!

TBone Toms was next door to the event, and the KeyLime Pie and Ritas are amazingly awesome... was a PieGasm

There was a practice run for a big race... bike run and swim I think it was... lots of people in it

Our booth Sunday afternoon

a squirrel with an ice cream cone

Chastity with the Acquarium shark

at the Acquarium Resturant

 Me & Einstien
UofH Steal Drum Club

Pretty in Pink

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