Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 5 of 10 of the Lemonade Diet

Well... so many things to share, not sure if I can remember it all but can always come back and add to this note as I think of them.  Well, first thing is my tongue looks and taste NASTY! Thats susposed to be the toxins leaving my body but eewwwww.  I'm sure my breathe is as nasty as it taste in my mouth.  I'm also still sleeping less, I woke up way early this morning and was just wide awake, and thats after stayin up till 11pm-ish watchin a movie with Teena.  Also, I am not fighting a nap at 2-3pm everyday like I have for years.  Energy is definately up. 

I was pretty snotty when I started, caught a bit of a head cold, thats all gone now.  I've heard another job of the ceyenne is to loosen mucus as well as clean your blood.

The 6 lbs I lost from Monday to yesterday seems to be all around my boobs, seems the cup on my bras are a bit too big today...LOL   Shorts & jeans still too big around the belly and hips, WOOT!

Day 4 was all hunger pains, that empty tummy feeling and this morning Aunt Flo came... a bit early for her usual visit.  Its hard to feed Christian and not eat... poor kid has to be fed tho.  Thats my hardest time not to eat.

This morning I went runnin around with Teena, hit a few garage sales and I seemed to notice every resturant along the way.  I didn't have urges to go, just seemed to enter then leave my mind.  I thought that was strange.  I saw the golden arches and imediately thought "I wanna coke" but it passed as fast as it came.

I'm still poo'in chunks, I know thats gross, but on Day 5 I would think there would be nuttin left in me 'cept maybe those 2 bites of pinnapple I had the other nite.  I have not done the sea salt thing today, figured I would be out n about for a while I better wait till I can hang by the toilet.  The sea salt is working like a scrub on the walls of my intestines, and I suppose its takin a bit to work loose 45 years of bad eating habits. 

Well thats it for now, hang loose dudes, Beth

P.S.... 7pm Day 5... I took Christian to Chuck E Cheese to play, thought I was fine.  Got him a small pizza and some tokins and me a water.... pizza came he ate a couple of pieces and went off to play another game and I grabbed a piece and took 3 bites.... MISTAKE... wasn't but a few minutes and my tummy was rumbling and I ran to the restroom.... uuggggg ... finally able to tleave the restroom and gathered Christian and headed home.  Now home and tummy feels ick... also having cramps which i rarely ever have had before.

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