Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 6 of 10 of the Lemonade Diet

Well here I am, Saturday, Day 6.  My tummy is still turnin over the bites of pizza last nite.  I took in the sea salt drink this morning and have not wondered far from my restroom yet today.  Didn't sleep much last nite, tummy turned all night.  No hunger pains so far. Tongue stills looks all white and taste nassy.  I brush my teeth several times more a day than usual to try and get rid of the nasty taste, doesn't work for long tho.

Teena and I have been plannin our gettin off around $1.99 Ritas at El Toro Tuesday.  We thought if we juice on Sunday, Soup on Monday maybe we'll be OK for Rita Tuesday.  LOL  Then after Spring Break maybe shootin for the 21 days.

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