Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 6 at the YMCA

Well I'm up to 271, which means I've lost only 4 lbs since Valentines Day when I started at the Y.  After the Lemonade Diet I've noticed how food makes me feel.  I feel sluggish, tired, sleepin longer again and all over yucky, especially right after a meal.  I'm not eatin the celery as much as I thought I would, have been eating some fruit, fish, & rice at home.  Makin sure I have veggies with every meal I make at home.  I've totally cut sodas and tea.. been drinkin alot of water, and juice as well as a glass of milk every morning.  I did have 2 sodas at resturants but I did not finish the glass and definately did not have 2nds.  I don't eat much, but this spring break week I went out to eat 5 times, and did not go to the Y at all.

So I find myself worryin about what goes in my body and how long its in there. And I have not started takin all the vitamins I was taking before the Lemonade Diet.  I just don't want to eat... lookin forward to gettin on the Lemonade Diet again April 1st

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